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I am a northwest Florida based photographer & artist. My two dogs & I love to travel & photograph new interesting people. My favorite things include the outdoors, hiking, chocolate chip cookies, a comfy down comforter (any time of year!), and flip flops!

Here you will find posts from my adventures & travels, both personally & professionally. Since I love to travel, do not hesitate to ask about any destination. Special discounts are available for Philadelphia, PA, Charleston-Myrtle Beach, SC areas & San Diego, CA destinations.

I also own an online handmade gift shop with my mom, featuring many different types of lovely & unique jewelry, pottery & home decor. (link at bottom of the blog)

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Every Day Is Special

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

Sometimes days are long. They seem to drag. But the older you get, time starts to fly by. This year has already gone by in such a blur. Today was one of those days.  And while nothing significant happened, I was reminded at the very end of the day, that every day is special . . .

2014-05-23 19.20.26

2014-05-23 19.18.59

2014-05-23 19.19.25-1

2014-05-23 19.18.22-1

Spanish Moss Grove { Lake Merial Florida }

Saturday, February 22nd, 2014

It’s been almost a year & a half since I moved to northwest Florida & in all that time I have never taken a hike all the way around Lake Merial. I have gone almost half way around both ways, multiple times but never made the full circle (or full L). So last month I decided to take some water, a family friend, Tom, & the mutts off leash – all the way around. It took almost 2hrs! And I was excited to find a hidden grove of trees covered in soft grey Spanish moss. What a cool place for a shoot :)  I will definitely be taking another walk to shoot here again soon! Anyone want to do a portrait session here with me?!  (you will have to hike!)





Goodbye Flash, Hello HTML Mobile Friendly! { www.laurabscott.com }

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

New technology is great. Keeping up with new technology can be quite a bit of work though. There are new batteries, chargers & cases to buy.  And there are all kinds of new stuff to learn. This Christmas I received an ipad! Yay!! Yes, I know some of you have had a tablet for years. But hey what can I say – it took me 3 years of hating my Blackberry to finally get an iphone. I am a little slow to embrace the newest of technology gadgets sometimes.

This is great! I never realized how convenient it is to have a tablet to wander around the house with while on the internet verses being stuck on my big computer in the office or trying to read recipes & emails on my phone. But this new device has also made me realized how outdated my website has become! Eeep!   Flash format? Whaa? Yes – it has bee way too long & it is  time to update the website. We are going back to HTML and we are going to be mobile & tablet friendly!! So say goodbye to the old site. This week we are getting a fresh look with some great new features.


I will be sure to let you know when we are ready for a full working preview! For now here is a quick sneak preview of the layout :)





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