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People Are Dirty { City Life }

Monday, April 20th, 2015

So it’s been a few weeks since I relocated back to Pennsylvania – eek wait! A month! It has been a whole month already that I have been living in Manayunk! Time flies faster as you get older doesn’t is??

2015-03-31 09.47.22-1

Well after having spent so much time living by the beach or on the burbs/lake area, getting back into the swing of city life means there are some things that you have to get comfortable with again – the noises, the cars & traffic, the people walking past your windows all hours of the day & night. And one more less than obvious realization.

People are dirty.

When looking at places around town in February there were piles of snow on the ground – aka (and what I learned as) the place where street trash hibernates. And now the snow has melted and there are little piles of trash along the side of the road everywhere. It is on the sidewalks,  in people’s flower beds and trapped inside the corners of their chain link fences.

Let’s be honest. No one wants to pick up trash if it’s not theirs.   I got news for you all – it is OURS. And picking up trash floating down the street is not disgusting. Just wear gloves and wash your hands, people. What is gross is seeing it pile up over time and just leaving it there.  For example, I watched my neighbor who I have not met, walk over a pile of leaves and trash everyday down her sidewalk that runs behind our little yard. How she can stand stepping over that everyday 6x a day is something I will not understand. It would take 2 minutes of her day, a broom and dustpan to toss it into the trash can that sits right there. To each his own I guess.

And I am sorry if this is harsh or a bit complainy. (I know that’s not a word).  I think I was spoiled living on the west coast and southern beach areas where the environment is a topic close to everyone out there. Recycling and trash cleanup is not something beach towns and cities ignore or are above doing themselves. It is just part of everyday life there. You see trash blowing down the street, you throw it out or it ends up in the ocean and lakes (and wash your hands).

Rather than complain about it, I put on some garden gloves and swept the trash along our fence into a bin. To keep it out (and add some privacy) I added a bamboo fence to the old one chain link. (pictures later) At least now the trash will stay on the street. (although  I have been keeping it clean outside my fence and regularly find myself sweeping up broken glass when it is near my car. Maybe I will inspire the neighbors to do the same. (wishful thinking? )

Dirt Does Not Stay Outside.

I have dogs. So regular vacuuming of carpets is an unfortunate must.  But when I move into a new place, I like to get rid of that “other people” smell as quickly as possible. This means I clean top to bottom.  The apartment was freshly painted (thank you, Fred) so that was one less lengthy job for the list. But everything else needs a good scrub – bathroom, kitchen, every cabinet & closet shelf, and of course the windows!  And man that might be my least favorite to clean.  How does one get so much ick on the inside of a window?? Perhaps years of tenants saying ‘that’s not my dirt’ and avoiding it.  I, however, ordered some super nice curtains (on sale at West Elm that I took the train to get) and I could not bring myself to hang them over years of dirt and snotting stuff/dog nose art. So about 2hrs, a roll of paper towels, half bottle of windex, a sponge, dirty tub and a half glass of wine later (just one since ladders are involved here) and all but 3 window blinds have been cleaned inside and out!  (I’m being lazy about the last 3 blinds since I don’t have any curtains for them yet)

And finally I feel like this place has been vanquished of the ‘other people smell’ and is ready to be lived in!

Maybe I’m a little OCD or something but if you do these things too, don’t be afraid to tell us all about your ‘new home’ cleaning habits in the comments below. It would make me feel better not to be the only one 😉

Moving Into ‘Fred’s Place’ {A Manayunk Apartment Experience }

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

2015-02-20 10.32.43

New Old Building

I’m super excited about my new Manayunk apartment!  It’s an old building with some seriously cool original features.  The building got lucky.  From what I was told the landlord purchased it in the 1980s from a family of guys who were never home.  Therefore the house never received that terrible 80’s makeover.  He liked the original features (or was cheap 😉 ) and decided to leave them.

My favorite thing about this place (and really its selling feature) is the tall ceilings and windows.  I love all the natural light that pours in! If you saw the dark and dismal places I looked at this past February – you would totally understand how exciting it was to see a place with light!

2015-03-22 16.13.00A

There is also the way cool pocket doors that lead into the bedroom from the office.

2015-02-20 10.22.30

The original molding in the ceiling around the lights and (nonworking) fireplace in the bedroom .

2015-02-20 10.22.50

But being an old building means there are several things I dislike as well – the crappy counters & cabinets (what is that? faux tan marble contact paper?! And if that is better than the counter – WHAT is under there??), it’s total lack of storage space in the kitchen & elsewhere, the icky tub, tiny vanity in the bathroom & the blah dirty rental carpets that believe me I am thankful they are not brown, crimson or teal blue.  Have I mention the many DIY fails left from the last renter that I feel I must correct?

2015-02-20 10.14.56

OK all of this means – projects! Why am I excited about this?! I am going to fix it up  and make it my own- rental style.  So if the landlord wants to remove it or I want to take it with me, I can. I have so many ideas & just don’t know where to begin. (Check out my apartment and home style pin boards to see where I am putting my inspirations) I definitely do not want to be one of those people who have a million projects that aren’t finished and have my place be a total mess all the time. I do not want to rush through something either that ends in bad craftsmanship and another DIY fail.  So it looks like I am going to need a list!  But all of  that is for sure another post or two 😉

2015-04-07 11.51.25

Stay tuned and have a great day as we continue to get settled in!

2015-03-29 13.16.52

as you can see Kaysea is settling quite nicely on the sofa she is not allowed on



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