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I am a northwest Florida based photographer & artist. My two dogs & I love to travel & photograph new interesting people. My favorite things include the outdoors, hiking, chocolate chip cookies, a comfy down comforter (any time of year!), and flip flops!

Here you will find posts from my adventures & travels, both personally & professionally. Since I love to travel, do not hesitate to ask about any destination. Special discounts are available for Philadelphia, PA, Charleston-Myrtle Beach, SC areas & San Diego, CA destinations.

I also own an online handmade gift shop with my mom, featuring many different types of lovely & unique jewelry, pottery & home decor. (link at bottom of the blog)

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Tonight’s Sunset Brought To You By Lake Merial

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

It was a gorgeous sunset tonight on Lake Merial . . .

140827 Sunset 2014-08-27 18.58.49

Happy Birthday Mom!

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

A beautiful afternoon here in NW Florida to celebrate my mom’s birthday. A drive down the coastal 30a for some lunch at a wine & cheese bar with a little window shopping . . .

2014-08-21 14.40.10

2014-08-21 14.39.01

2014-08-21 15.48.52

Happy Birthday Mom! You are the bestest! Love you!

2014-08-21 15.47.02

Happy Birthday To Me!

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

It’s my birthday!   So a low key day was in order this year & then dinner with the parents on the 30A in Aly’s Beach.  I always wanted to eat at George’s !  It was delish!

2014-07-17 19.23.53

2014-07-17 19.25.09

2014-07-17 19.22.25

2014-07-17 19.47.28

2014-07-17 19.46.47

2014-07-17 19.44.35

2014-07-17 19.32.31

Beach Day!

Sunday, July 13th, 2014

Ahh yes sometimes it is just so nice to sit in the hot sun (or under the umbrella ) & listening to rolling waves. . . .

2014-07-06 10.37.41

2014-07-06 10.39.352014-07-13 14.09.06-2












2014-07-06 11.44.36


2014-07-13 12.09.12-32014-07-13 12.30.48-3

Coastal 30A Drive { A Day in Seaside, FL }

Sunday, June 15th, 2014

After spending yesterday on the beach in Santa Rosa , today being perfect summer weather made for a great time to ride along the emerald coast & lunch at Great Southern Cafe in Seaside, FL with my parents . . .

2014-06-14 11.51.23

2014-06-15 12.34.47-2


2014-06-15 13.56.07-2

2014-06-15 14.11.01-1

And dad’s first selfie!

2014-06-15 14.11.35-1


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