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I am a northwest Florida based photographer & artist. My two dogs & I love to travel & photograph new interesting people. My favorite things include the outdoors, hiking, chocolate chip cookies, a comfy down comforter (any time of year!), and flip flops!

Here you will find posts from my adventures & travels, both personally & professionally. Since I love to travel, do not hesitate to ask about any destination. Special discounts are available for Philadelphia, PA, Charleston-Myrtle Beach, SC areas & San Diego, CA destinations.

I also own an online handmade gift shop with my mom, featuring many different types of lovely & unique jewelry, pottery & home decor. (link at bottom of the blog)

Moving Into ‘Fred’s Place’ {A Manayunk Apartment Experience }

April 1st, 2015

2015-02-20 10.32.43

New Old Building

I’m super excited about my new Manayunk apartment!  It’s an old building with some seriously cool original features.  The building got lucky.  From what I was told the landlord purchased it in the 1980s from a family of guys who were never home.  Therefore the house never received that terrible 80’s makeover.  He liked the original features (or was cheap 😉 ) and decided to leave them.

My favorite thing about this place (and really its selling feature) is the tall ceilings and windows.  I love all the natural light that pours in! If you saw the dark and dismal places I looked at this past February – you would totally understand how exciting it was to see a place with light!

2015-03-22 16.13.00A

There is also the way cool pocket doors that lead into the bedroom from the office.

2015-02-20 10.22.30

The original molding in the ceiling around the lights and (nonworking) fireplace in the bedroom .

2015-02-20 10.22.50

But being an old building means there are several things I dislike as well – the crappy counters & cabinets (what is that? faux tan marble contact paper?! And if that is better than the counter – WHAT is under there??), it’s total lack of storage space in the kitchen & elsewhere, the icky tub, tiny vanity in the bathroom & the blah dirty rental carpets that believe me I am thankful they are not brown, crimson or teal blue.  Have I mention the many DIY fails left from the last renter that I feel I must correct?

2015-02-20 10.14.56

OK all of this means – projects! Why am I excited about this?! I am going to fix it up  and make it my own- rental style.  So if the landlord wants to remove it or I want to take it with me, I can. I have so many ideas & just don’t know where to begin. (Check out my apartment and home style pin boards to see where I am putting my inspirations) I definitely do not want to be one of those people who have a million projects that aren’t finished and have my place be a total mess all the time. I do not want to rush through something either that ends in bad craftsmanship and another DIY fail.  So it looks like I am going to need a list!  But all of  that is for sure another post or two 😉

2015-04-07 11.51.25

Stay tuned and have a great day as we continue to get settled in!

2015-03-29 13.16.52

as you can see Kaysea is settling quite nicely on the sofa she is not allowed on


Welcome Back To Philly

March 28th, 2015

I wasn’t sure about moving back to Philly. It was not something that I originally considered. I felt more – been there done that about it for years. I left Philly because I was over it- the noise, the lack of trees, the dirt, the people.  I just needed a change. And so the moving adventures began. (and that’s a whole lot of other stories)   My visit from last summer got me thinking (and missing) Philadelphia.  Panama City was just too rural for me. But I knew that with the dogs and with my love of outdoors I could not live without having my own private outside space.  I also like a more laid back & quieter environment than downtown.  After some research, talking with my brother & a hours spent on craigslist – Manayunk seemed like the best choice.  I am happy to report so far it is! There are places with small yards available, parks and trees and walking trails all around us. Plus we are a short walk or hilly bike ride to restaurants and shops and the bustle of people. 

2015-03-22 10.21.45

2015-03-21 21.46.16

The Drive

I didn’t stop to take any photos this time. We were trying to stay ahead of the rainstorms.  Plus I have done this drive before and just kinda wanted to get it over with. The move itself wasn’t too bad. Two long days of driving with 2 dogs & a car loaded with stuff- over 17hrs. (Thank you to my best friend, Sean, for flying down to load & drive the truck. Could not have done it without you!!)  The dogs are great road trippers, with hours/weeks of travel over the years under their collars. I am a little proud to say they have seen (or slept through) more of this country than most people.  So they were great in the car – not a complaint out of them.  I think they could feel my excitement as we got closer to our final exit. I turned the radio up when I heard my jam and started to sing along.

2015-03-22 10.27.12-1

Then there was suddenly traffic . . . a dead stop . . . urgh . . . with only 3 miles until our exit & with my trusty helpers (thanks again boys! – Chuck, Adam, Brandon & Chad) all waiting to help unload.  But not to worry! I kept singing, as the car next to me knows, and taking snapshots out the window.2015-03-22 15.46.41

The Unload

Once we arrived the truck was unloaded swiftly. It’s hard to believe that two days of loading took less than an hour to unload!  And I should have taken a photo of the amount of boxes I was left sorting through the next few days. You all would laugh.But the first night I was just too exhausted from looking for a box – any box – labeled towels & sheets to even look for my phone or camera right then. I would have even used a dish towel at that point has I come across them first.

2015-03-27 11.22.43

Things I’ve Learned

I awoke the next morning to birds chirping outside & a bunch of texts asking if how I faired our first night – whether I had slept.

Like a rock. thank you!

But somehow the boxes, over night, seemed to have multiplied.  And I quickly learned that no matter how well you label your boxes, after being all dumped together in one room, you will tear them open to see what’s inside – just in case there is something you will need right away – and even when the box is labelled photo albums. Not a necessity. Must stay on task.

Also umm when you have stuff in storage for any amount of time – it smells funny. Luckily I was smart enough not to have anything fabric besides some dish towels that required rewashing. However – all your kitchenware will need to be washed. For me this meant by hand since I no longer have a dishwasher.  And man do I have a lot of kitchen stuff! Needless to say I don’t think I need anything for my kitchen for Christmas ever again. (three days later it was all washed and found a home)

There are so many things to do to get settled around here! Some of them are not fun – finding a grocery store, dentist, veterinarian, remembering names of streets & starting to stock up on goods, cleaning previous tenant dirt up & relearning how to parallel park.

There was also a toothbrush incident – where my toothbrush managed to fall in the small space between the sink and the wall. Covered in old grime – forcing me to find a late night local store to walk to.

But there is also fun stuff – walking the neighborhood (finding the canal path), meeting neighbors, finding great local restaurants to walk to, decorating, trips to Ikea and target, seeing old friends and meeting new, art festivals and farmers markets and shopping at great little local finds!

2015-03-27 11.31.17-1

2015-03-27 11.31.58

2015-03-27 11.33.58-1

I am excited about this new adventure we are on! I will keep sharing our stories along the way! Have a happy day!

Be Still

March 22nd, 2015

080319 0888 RoadTrip

Goodbye Florida

March 19th, 2015

Today was my last full day as a resident of Florida. I can’t exactly say it was a love affair. Florida, you were not always nice to me with your humidity, venomous snakes, and evil tiny red ants. But my time on Florida was not wasted. I met some interesting people & walk away with some valuable tools & lessons. I love the emerald coast, wish I had had more time to spend along the beaches and little beach towns, great sunsets and of course the lake. . . .

2014-04-11 09.48.45-2

and my adventure walks with Jackie!

2015-03-19 09.34.25-1


2015-03-10 10.44.28-1

2015-03-19 09.35.21-1

2015-03-10 10.47.46-1

2015-03-19 09.37.43-1

2015-03-10 10.36.52-1

The last week was spent organizing my travel plans, packing boxes and trying to visit a few local places I will miss.

Deerpoint Lake

2015-03-19 12.15.11-1

with my furry homies (and mom)

2015-03-19 12.15.33-1

2015-03-19 12.23.53

2015-03-19 12.24.49-1


2015-03-19 12.39.00-1

Thanks Florida! Until next time!

Can’t Judge A Southern Man 

March 14th, 2015


It’s very easy to look down on or dismiss someone when you don’t agree with their point of view. But you can’t always judge a book by its anti-everything point of view.  There is always more to someone.

The other day I met a man. Let’s call him Don. A Vietnam vet born & bred in Florida who does carpet & tile work since he dropped out of school at thirteen. Ron is a tiny man with a slurry southern accent whose words often get muffled within his white beard.

He has a strong opinion on immigration reform & “the Mexicans with no real skills other than laborers” who seem to be taking away American craftsman jobs for the cheap. He also has a very strong opinion on government having “too much control over the people who blindly believe what they are told on TV. And do not get him started on this whole global warming scam “Al Gore started”.


<inhale> <deep yoga breath>

Ok so if you know me a little, you know this kind of subject matter could easily have made me lose my cool. His beliefs go against my own on most subjects.  But I’m not writing this to start a fierce debate on hot political topics.

For me, there are just so many reasons to dislike this man.  But I reminded myself of the age gap & the where I was standing – in the Deep South.

It’s not that he was completely void of knowledge. Take one look at the guy & his rickety pick up truck and you know his life was never very easy. But inside of this aging highly opinionated man, is a kind soul.

He rescues dogs.

Not pure bred goldens or rare breeds. He take in the mixed breeds and mutts that passers-by don’t even look twice at.  The dirty, sickly, dying, tick invested, mangey left overs no one wants.

When he started to talk about the love of his rescue dogs, his face lights up.  It’s his passion.   And this is the reason he worries so much about finding steady work. He has mouths to feed – 50 of them.  I instantly thought oh my fifty! Maybe he’s a hoarder??  (Hey Laura – do not snap judge! )

Then I heard some of the rescue stories- clearly some of his most triumphant.  Stories of where he waited days to trap a dog he followed around for weeks & how how he sat with that dog until she accepted his help. Don has rescued dogs during hurricanes, when the streets were flooded. He has fought with strangers, cops & neighbors to save a dog in need.  He has stories of how dogs at the most desperate of moments, seem to find his dog compound in the back woods & practically beg for help. How he carries their sickly bodies into his home, and spends his time caring for them, removing ticks, seeing to wounds, hand feeding them through the night while waiting for the veterinarian to come in the morning to help. He builds special shelters & pens for them. He has a special trailer, for the elder dogs who prefer to spend time indoors. He has a sick trailer for the ones who need time to mend.  He has winter homes and summer homes.  He clearly loves them and wishes they would find homes but knows most have no one but him & his wife.

Meeting Don was a reminder of the old phrase ‘You can’t judge a book by its cover’.

He may have his strong opinions about the government and global warming. But he is a man that has passion in his life. His days are filled with what he feels is his purpose. Those fifty or so dogs will never know how hard he works to care for them. None of that matters because he does it anyway.  He loves what he does. You can see it in his face. He deserves respect for his compassion and for being someone who has found their passion in life.

Thank you, Don (even though you will never read this) for caring for those dogs and making a difference in this world.





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