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Family Fun in The Sun { Surfside Beach, SC }

Saturday, January 11th, 2014

Thought I would share a few family portrait sessions that never made it on the blog these last 16 months – eep!  But I  just had to share these 4 little cuties & their families . . .

The Broome Family

An old friend from high school & her family happened to be visiting one of her favorite places – Myrtle Beach. We thought it would be a great opportunity to catch up & have a little fun in the surf & sand at the same time. . .






The Chung Family

   These two twin sisters could not be any cuter! It was a a cool breezy summer day at Surfside Beach in Myrtle Beach SC









The Destefani Family

One hot summer day in 2012, I met up with the Destefani family & little A for a hot, sticky & fun family photo shoot.










 More images from the last 16 months to come!

Surfside Beach Family Portraits {Sneak Peak}

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

I just can’t stand it – so cute! A future fashion maven in the making! More to come later but I just had to share this image.

The Wallace Family { Surfside, SC }

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

After all these years of shooting I still get anxious excitement before a photo shoot – especially a family session. It’s different than working with a couple – there are way more of them.  And I start to get nervous about a family I have never met. Are we going to have fun? Will they like me? Will the lighting work out right?  It’s almost like a first date.  But then as soon as we introduce ourselves, I forget all about being nervous & the laughs begin.

Well you might remember the Wallace Family  Sneak Preview from last weeks postings. This was such a fun session – filled with great light, smiles & silliness – and I am just talking about Kevin & his lovely wife, Sarah! By the end of the hour, I am pretty sure the kids even forgot how unexcited they were before we started. But you can just see for yourselves . . .

Introducing the kids

Meet Kennedy ~ She is sweet, somewhat shy and quite the dancer. At 7 she, not only does she practice ballet, but modern jazz & tap! A star in the making. What a cutie!

How about a few with the boys . . .

Carson ~ entering a growth spurt, I mistakenly thought he was the older brother.  At age 9, he is already a football champ. (I would tell you his position but as it turns out, I am your typical girl who knows nothing about football. ) And Carson told me he is definitely not looking forward to going back to school so soon even for football. I remember when kids actual got 3 whole months of summer break. – man I ‘m starting to get old with the “I remember when” stories. (btw I did walk a mile in the snow to the bus stop.) Check out that GQ look. Caron is someone knows how to pose for the camera.

And last but certainly not least ~ Parker! He is quite the chatter box. Parker is the oldest & certainly the daredevil in the family. While he does play football like his younger brother, he is into skateboarding & any other daredevil stunts he can find. And I believe him! During our session, he tried to climb a beach storage box, scaled the pier & hopped up into the lifeguard stand in about 2 seconds. And as a photographer, how can you not love those freckles!

More of the family together

Kevin & Sarah

A race to the pier . . . . and the winner is  . . .

One last bit of silliness before the sun goes down ~

What a great day!

Thanks again Wallace family!

The Wallace Family {Sneak Preview}

Monday, August 8th, 2011

I know that the Wallace family is getting excited to see some session photos. So I thought I would post one – yes just one – as a little teaser to hold them over for a few days while I finish the rest of the edits. (twice as many as a normal session!)

Be sure to check back in a few days for more from the Wallace family :)

Widosh Family Portraits in San Diego

Monday, September 27th, 2010

I feel so lucky to capture some of the best moments in many couples & family’s lives. And nothing reminds you how quickly time goes by  like a baby session. They get so big so fast.  So I would like to introduce you to four month old Trenton.  Many of you saw the sneak preview image I post last week. He is such a doll. But what I didn’t share with you was the rest of the family that was part of our shoot that day – Paul, Amanda and big sister, Bella.  So without further ado…

And now to introduce big sister, Bella.  I love a girl who loves the camera and Bella was a ham if ever. So with mom and dad busy getting ready for the park, we thought we should warm up for our session with a little light cardio – bouncing on the bed …

Once at the park we were all set to have a picnic and chill out in the cool shade. And thanks once again Paul & Amanda for treating us to lunch!

After some flower picking, it was time to warm up again! Off to the swings!

They say a picture says a thousand words well if these images say anything, you can tell that Bella is daddy’s little girl if ever there was one. And Trenton you can already tell is going to be momma’s little man.

It was a great day with the fantabulous Widosh family-  perfect weather, and filled with big smiles!  Can’t wait to see how big the kids are next year!
And this photo was taken by my BFF, Sean Schofield. He was in charge of the family group photos but I just thought this was too cute not to include in the mix. To check out more of this session, visit Sean’s Blog.


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