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Archive: September, 2014

Six Months In

Sunday, September 21st, 2014

Six months ago I was working starting to think about getting into better fitness habits. And let’s face it I needed better mental habits too. So I decided to give yoga another try.

2013-05-25 13.28.03

Here is what I have learned so far about yoga:

It’s very important to find a studio with instructors that fit you. Now I’m not a go-to-the-gym kind of girl so I needed a studio that wasn’t filled with people that made me feel like I already needed to be ‘in shape‘ just to sign into the class. And I definitely did not want to watch myself sweat in awkward poses – so no mirrors.

Having said that, I got lucky. I literally googled yoga studios and I found one at the beach that makes me feel like I’m back in San Diego or on vacation. This studio is simple, it’s basically like a covered porch with plants & running water around. – (kind of like home).

Keep in mind I’ve tried yoga before – in college at a dance studio- professional dancer-flexi-bender I am not. Also I tried an outdoor studio in San Diego on the beach – where everyone was watching us, a studio that was super hot –eww no thank you. I didn’t need to know I could sweat from there and a seemingly large studio in Philadelphia- more boot-camp-competitive-style with sweaty commentary from the guy next to me rather than calm de-stresser (that I obviously need). Nope.


I feel right at home in my mismatched yoga attire with the sound of frogs & ferns growing around me at the Studio At Zen .

I also learned it’s great to try different classes & instructors at a studio. This often leads to muscles you didn’t know you were ignoring … Err umm sometimes full extremities (like arms) and new poses you find enjoyable like reclining pigeon. But not you boat pose – not you.


Beyond the release of lower back tension, good-kind-of-sore-next-day-muscles and a better understand of san script words (and getting tighter booty). I’ve gained more knowledge about myself. It sounds cheesy to read that out loud. But all the books & people cheerleading me along to “figure out my ‘stuff’ “ didn’t really add up to me believing I was changing for a better attitude.

2013-05-25 12.12.32

I’ve never been without “a plan” ever in my life until now. But I’m learning that’s ok. I need to accept that being me will be enough. Through movement and breath and meditation, I am sorting through the little things holding me back.

I’ve learned that every day is a new day to start again and with every breathe a new beginning.

Yoga has found a place in my life. And I found a place in yoga.


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