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I am a northwest Florida based photographer & artist. My two dogs & I love to travel & photograph new interesting people. My favorite things include the outdoors, hiking, chocolate chip cookies, a comfy down comforter (any time of year!), and flip flops!

Here you will find posts from my adventures & travels, both personally & professionally. Since I love to travel, do not hesitate to ask about any destination. Special discounts are available for Philadelphia, PA, Charleston-Myrtle Beach, SC areas & San Diego, CA destinations.

I also own an online handmade gift shop with my mom, featuring many different types of lovely & unique jewelry, pottery & home decor. (link at bottom of the blog)

Archive: May, 2014

Understanding The Art of Nothing

Friday, May 30th, 2014

What is ‘nothing’?

Dictionary.com says ‘Nothing’  [nuhth-ing]  


no thing; not anything; naught: to say nothing.
no part, share, or trace (usually followed by of  ): The house showed nothing of its former magnificence.
something that is nonexistent.
nonexistence; nothingnessThe sound faded to nothing.
something or someone of no importance or significance: Money is nothing when you’re without health


I struggle to understand the art of ‘nothing’. A blank canvas or a performing piece with just a woman standing still for 8hrs. Is it suppose to question the boundaries of ‘what is art?’ Like Marcel Duchamp’s ‘Fountain’. Maybe I’m not artsy, eclectic, academic or conceptual-minded enough. Or maybe the simplicity is beyond me. As an artist I like to create. Make something with my hands. So since there is no physical or tangible object in front of me I’m lost on the nothing being art. maybe it’s because I can’t stand still for 5 minutes let alone 5 hrs. Maybe my mind isn’t still enough to appreciate the moment of silence and stillness.

Hmm Maybe if I keep going to yoga someday I will understand the art of nothingness. Just breathe. Just Zen.

Rosemary Beach { A Drive Down 30A }

Sunday, May 25th, 2014

It was a beautiful day today! So a drive along the coast with a stop in  Rosemary Beach was in order!
2014-05-25 14.17.47

2014-05-25 14.19.32

2014-05-25 14.29.42

{Snuck a photo of mama-cita in an over priced chair 😉 }

2014-05-25 14.30.23-1

2014-05-25 14.48.56-2

2014-05-25 14.59.46

Beautiful Things Don’t Ask For Attention

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

2014-11-29 10.31.25-1

-James Thurber, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Every Day Is Special

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

Sometimes days are long. They seem to drag. But the older you get, time starts to fly by. This year has already gone by in such a blur. Today was one of those days.  And while nothing significant happened, I was reminded at the very end of the day, that every day is special . . .

2014-05-23 19.20.26

2014-05-23 19.18.59

2014-05-23 19.19.25-1

2014-05-23 19.18.22-1


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